2016 Ford Edge Review, Engine, Price, Specs

2016 Ford Edge Review, Engine, Price, Specs – At this time, the 2016 Ford Edge is one car that is we expect to be updated on the American car company Ford. It has been some time, for this time, not unlike its predecessor which made 2016 Ford Edge will come with having created a new platform and will make you happy, look more spacious cabin and also more powerful engine options. Because the car body is much lighter and also generally weight distribution is good, the one that makes you happy is, this car will be much more efficient in terms of fuel, it would be very good if you live a long way, you can save money pocket during the trip

%name 2016 Ford Edge Review, Engine, Price, Specs

2016 Ford Edge Review, Engine, Price, Specs


If we look at the interior, the new interior of the 2016 Ford Edge will come with a very good view and spacious, in the center console of the most debate will also present a variety of high-tech gadgets, there is also a new fashion rank in the digital industry. As far as we know, it was designed almost equal to the output ford new ones too, from his Ford Fusion, to get also some tweaks styling, this would not make so bad when we consider something new that is present in the Ford Fusion has more than interesting rather than designed main cabin.

In the cabin there are also some standard features, namely: upholstery fabrics, there is also an upgrade on dual-zone automatic climate control, pride- Ford Sony audio system, front and rear seats can be adjusted however you want, there are also screens 7- inch LCD infotainment system. In the premium-based model, you can get advanced features such as satellite navigation and also you will get attractive leather seats with different colors, you will also get an LCD screen with a slightly larger size intended for infotainment systems.


The exterior and interior will look “copy” of some of the design of the car Ford Fusion famous. will be planned to be made latest 2016 Ford Edge will present an impressive grille is large too enough also coupled with 2 headlamps designed thin. Air inlets are positioned lower to a size slightly smaller when compared with cars that another of the same price range and also aims to raise the public car on management at a low speed, the best engineers from Ford has designed separately impressive splitter all the new one.


On the machine, this time Ford will present a slightly larger machine, the machine this time there are three different machines. The first in an exchange of standard machines, which most likely will be its standard 2-liter EcoBoost engine, measuring about 245 horsepower and is also capable of more than 270 lb-ft of torque.

And a third engine will be made of the most powerful 2.7-liter V6, which is going to be able to develop a speed of up to 300 horsepower even more and 300 lb-ft of torque. All three engines are matched will be present along with the 8-speed automatic gearbox.

%name 2016 Ford Edge Review, Engine, Price, Specs

2016 Ford Edge Review, Engine, Price, Specs


According to information circulating until the end of 2016, Ford Edge 2016 Ford Edge will be sold at a price of around 29,000 dollars or slightly above, it depends on the chosen technology equipment later.

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